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If you do not see your medication listed, use the Contact Medfinder page to tell us and we will have it listed within 24 hours, usually much sooner.

*(Prescription Required for all medications, which may be faxed.  However, for all controlled substances the pharmacy requires the original written prescription.)

For those of us who are from Canada, England, USA, Germany, France, Spain and other countries, medication costs are an issue. The health care system of most of these countries often denies specific medications. The individual is left with the daunting task of finding the needed medication at an affordable price from a reliable online pharmacy. Medfinder eliminates the work of using multiple search engines to find a pharmacy right for your needs. Using 8 different search engines for pharmacies, Medfinder locates a suitable pharmacy for each of your medications and uses consumer ratings of the pharmacy, requirement for a faxed prescripotion and product price for each medication. PharmacyChecker is the premiere search engine and Medfinder has relied heavily on ratings and comments from that site. Our Online Pharmacy Finder's search engine usually takes you directly to the order page of a pharmacy with excellent ratings, reliability, and prices. Online pharmacies such as Better Life Pharmacy and Blue Sky Drugs are all well respected and highly ranked by PharmacyChecker and have proven themselves to be customer friendly.

The manufacturers of medications from the pharmacies listed on this site are huge multinational companies that meet World Health Organization standards for medication quality. In many cases, these same companies manufacturer a number of brand name and generic medications sold in the USA. Factories meet the standards of the prestigious World Health Organization. Medfinder encourages you to visit the web site of the manufacturers of your medications to learn more about their standards and the basic research and new drug patents that are obtaining at an accelerating pace.

If you like to do your own research and have lots of time, you can try Pharmacy Checker below and you can make comparisons. If you want to keep it simple, use our online pharmacy finder.

This site is designed for worldwide use. The laws of each country are different. You are encouraged you to abide by legal guidelines for each country. If you have trouble navigating the site or finding a particular prescription medication, use the CONTACT US page to ask for assistance.

The high cost of name brand prescription medications has gotten way out of hand and has increased since implementation of the Medicare part D prescription drug plan in the United States. Many individuals have to be hospitalized worldwide each year because they cannot afford their medications. Stopping prescription medications can lead to loss of job, loss of family and even loss of life. This site is intended for those individuals. If possible, you should use domestic pharmaceuticals from your own country, which generally have indigent patient site programs that help you purchase your medications at discounts and often with a small copay. In many cases, the patients do not qualify for these programs or the red tape is too extensive or complicated. In other instances, other health care managers or Medicare Part D will not approve a needed medication. If you fall into one of these categories, this site may be helpful to you.

A consumer on four or five prescription drugs may pay as much as $10,000. The same medications can often be purchased for $2000 or less using Medfinder's online pharmacy finder. Without adequate insurance or eligibility for a free medication program, severe consequences may occur. Stopping medications for bipolar disorder (because of expense) has been reported to result in long term deteriaration and death from suicide. Even with insurance, the consumer is often denied the prescription medication. This indifference of government and insurance companies toward individuals health care is reflected by denials of medications, which could have negative or even devastating consequences. If your insurer or government health care plan or Medicare Part D deny you life saving coverage, this site may assist you in finding critically needed medications. Generic Ambien (zolpidem) can easily run $1000 annually if you are from the United States and have Medicare Part D. Whereas, you can a year's worth of generic Ambien for less than $40.

The World Health Organization and other regulating agencies do an excellent job of insuring drug quality. Tragedy can result if standards of manufacturing are not met. This most recently was the case with the US FDA where many individuals died from contaminated heparin. Much of the USA generic market comes from pharmaceutical materials purchased from China, which has carried from a particularly high risk of contamination.

Medical standards and quality controls in India are excellent, so high indeed that major US corporations send their employees there for open heart surgery or other major surgery. Their educational standards are high and compare favorably with France, Germany, the USA and England.

If you prefer actual brand names, our online pharmacy finder will help you quickly find a good pharmacy for your medication. You might also try the PharmacyChecker search engine. It is more complicated to use, but often worth the trouble if you are computer savvy and have lots of time. For generic versions of name brands, PharmacyChecker indicates that Better Life Pharmacy is Number One in all our trial orders. For name brands and generics, Blue Sky Pharmacy is reliable with excellent prices and a high rating for reliability. If you live in the USA and want to see how much you are saving by purchasing from an online pharmacy, go to, which generally sells as a discount compared to Walgreens, Rite-Aid and other pharmacy chains. For example, medications for bipolar disorder can easily cost between $500 and $1500 monthly. Medfinder has found generic versions of medications for bipolar disorder where you can almost always be treated for less than $100 per month total. Savings on medications for bipolar disorder generally run 90-95%. It is often cheaper to buy your medications for bipolar disorder online even if you have insurance with a co pay.

For all generics, including controlled substances such as Ambien, amphetamine salts and benzodiazepams, the only legitimate sites Medfinder has found are Pharmnet Rx and AApexpharmacy. You will need to mail the original prescription to the online pharmacy in these cases (controlled substances).

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This site is for worldwide use. Consumers living in the United States who order prescription medications from pharmacies outside the US do so at their own risk. does not guarantee that the pharmacies listed on the site conform to the importation requirements of the U.S. Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, the Controlled Substance Act or any other laws. Consumers should make their own inquiries, consulting the laws of their country, before making any purchases, and should be aware that importation of drugs into the United States in violation of these laws potentially could result in significant civil and criminal penalties and fines.

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